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Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Major Iran deals since sanctions lifted


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ABC Radio, 29 January 2016

President Hassan Rouhani inked a number of big deals in France on Thursday as part of his tour across Europe courting investment now that sanctions have been lifted and frozen funds are headed back to their coffers.
Earlier this week, Rouhani reportedly struck a number of deals worth nearly $20 billion in Italy.

Below is a list of other significant deals the country has made since sanctions were lifted:

ADP/BOUYGUES: agreement on construction projects at Khomeini airport in Tehran.
AIRBUS: agreement on the purchase of 118 Airbus planes for Iran Air.

TOTAL: letter of intention with the National Iranian Oil Company with specifics on oil, gas, petrochemicals. Termed contract on purchase of oil.

VINCI: initial agreement on construction of new terminals at Mashhad and Isfahan airports.

CMA-CGM: initial agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines on exchange or rentals of naval spaces, common use of maritime lines and cooperation at maritime ports.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT: framework agreement defining areas of cooperation with regards to water and water treatment.

SANOFI: initial agreement with an industrial component (local production with an Iranian partner) and 2.5 million euros for Iran to conduct epidemiological research.
RICHEL SERRES (GOLDEN GROUP): initial agreement on the installation of 50 hectares of high tech greenhouses.
ABC Radio
29 January

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