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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Hospitality Qatar returns to Doha bigger and better, 8-10 November 2016


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ifpinfo, 2 February 2016

Hospitality Qatar, organized by IFP Qatar is the one and only exhibition in Qatar where industry professionals come to see the latest in food, drink, franchising and HORECA supply and equipment. The first edition of Hospitality Qatar was a huge success, with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive with lots of business done on the show floor.

In its second edition, 8-10 November 2016, Hospitality Qatar will be returning to Doha bigger and better than ever, as the country's foremost retail, food service, and hospitality trade exhibition. No other exhibition gathers so many relevant industry bodies and their members into a single, professional business forum.

Aligning your brand with Hospitality Qatar 2016 presents an unrivalled opportunity to get up close and personal with a highly motivated target market. It is a unique, uncluttered and undiluted customer contact point. It offers multiple layers of benefits that transcends any static outreach programs, so that your company or service can 'own' the hearts and minds of our visitors.

Exhibitors meet their business objectives at Hospitality Qatar – they sample and sell products and services, educate their markets, position their companies, and build databases. The bottom line is: Hospitality Qatar makes companies grow like a soufflé in a hot oven.

Harness the Power of Face-To-Face Marketing
One of the best ways to get your brand name on your customers' lips is to put your product in their mouths or in their hands. At Hospitality Qatar your customers can see, touch, and taste your products, and try out equipment first-hand. Plus your staff are on the spot to answer questions, offer deals, gather data, and make sales.

Get More Marketing Value
Hospitality Qatar drives your marketing dollars further and produces measurable ROI by enabling you to generate sales leads, attract new customers, gather customer data, conduct market research, and ultimately drive more sales, as well as opportunities to network and track industry trends.

Connect with Big Crowds
Hospitality Qatar already has top exhibitors returning for a second year because it backs their commitment with smart advertising and PR campaigns that pull in big crowds of qualified prospects. Before they walk through the door, Hospitality Qatar audiences are already committed to the experience, primed, and ready to buy.

Live Cooking Competition
Live the excitement and up-close action of a live cooking competition. Some of the world's best chefs show off their culinary talents to mesmerized crowds and create their best dish.         
Salon Culianire
The Salon Culinaire represents the ideal platform for Food and Beverage professionals. It attracts chefs from all around the globe, who attend to compete in diverse and exciting categories.         
Mocktail Competition
The industry's top bartenders show off their  skills and test their knowledge. The Mocktail Competition represents a unique opportunity for the innovative  HORECA bartenders to offer the tastiest Mocktail in town!
For more information, please contact: Rawad Sleem; Tel: +974 44 329900 | Ext. 613; Mobile: +974 66 001644; Fax: +974 44 432891; Email:;
Leyla Tay - Admin. Assistant P.O. Box: 55576 Beirut, Lebanon Phone: +961 (5) 959 111 Ext: 111 Fax: +961 (5) 955 361 E-mail:
2 February

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