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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Greece upgrades its representation in Kurdistan to Consulate General ahead of referendum


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Kurdistan 24, 22 September 2017

The Greek Ambassador to Iraq, Dionyssios Kyvetos, recently visited Erbil and announced the Greek Government's decision to upgrade their office in the Kurdistan Region.
Kyvetos met with the head of the Kurdistan Region's Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) Falah Mustafa and discussed bilateral relations, the latest political developments, and the upcoming referendum on independence for the Kurdistan Region planned for Sep. 25, according to DFR press office.
During the meeting, Kyvetos highlighted the government in Athens' decision to upgrade its representation in the Kurdistan Region from Trade Office to Consulate General, DFR stated.
The decision comes as the people of the Kurdistan Region are heading toward a historic day where the citizens will choose whether they wish to remain as part of Iraq or secede as a newly-established independent state.
Mustafa welcomed the decision and conveyed the full support of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for the move by the Greek government, describing it as a step further expanding the scope of cooperation between Erbil and Athens.
Kyvetos praised the role of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the battle against the Islamic State (IS) and efforts of the Kurdistan Region in hosting 1.8 million refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
Erbil and Baghdad relations and post-referendum options were other topics discussed in the meeting.
The Kurdistan Region as a semi-autonomous federal region of Iraq has greatly expanded its diplomatic relations over the past few uears.
The DFR was established in 2007, and in ten years, 38 foreign consulates and representative offices have opened in the Kurdistan Region. The number continues to increase.
Recently, the governments of Ukraine and Sri Lanka decided to open consulates in the Kurdistan Region to develop bilateral relations.
Kurdistan 24
22 September
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